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Phase sequence and motor rotation tester. Identify proper phase sequencing of live three phase line voltages. Determine three phase motor rotation direction. Check for open phase status. CAT III 600V rated for all functions.
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PM Series
Three unique pocket sized multimeters weigh in at less than three ounces. The ultimate in portability with large oversize digital display and innovative features.
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Digital AC Clamp Meter with Temperature, Capacitance and MicroAmps DC. Cat III 600V safety rated

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Meterman test tools, a leading brand of innovative test tools and accessories

With over 60 tools ranging from basic testers to specialty multimeters, test tools, and accessories, Meterman tools are the right fit for the job. Meterman tools are available at industrial, electronic and electrical supply outlets worldwide.

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Pocket Size Autoranging Multimeters (PM51, PM53, PM55)
The worlds smallest CAT III DMMs
Dual Input Thermometer (TMD90)
Dual Input Thermometer
Professional Line of Digital Clamp-on Meters (AC60, AC65, AC68, AC71, AC75, AD105)
Introducing the AC71
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